#0 seed: Origination of manoussa


At this space, I would like to plant a seed unraveling a bit about manoussa. The name “Manoussa” is inspired from the word “Manussa” in Pali or “Manusia” in Bahasa Indonesia which literally means human.

“Manussa” actually derived from two Pali words “Mano” and “Ussa”. “Mano” means mind, and “Ussa” means higher or superior. Thus, the essence of “Manussa” or human is a being who possesses higher mind or, my personal interpretation, a being who continuously making his/her mind higher, prettier, and happier.

This blog is meant to live the purpose of that word, the purpose of being a human. This blog, I hope, can become a space, a field where everyone – including you and me – can plant seeds which might nurture visiting minds.


As I write this metaphor about seed, I recollect a movie which I thought correspond with this, titled “Inception“. That film intelligently portrays how a small idea, but skillfully, seeded in one’s mind can grow into enormous life-changing plant.

Knowing the power of ideas, thoughts, let’s skillfully share our ideas and thoughts, how insignificant or significant we may think, so this whole blog will become a garden full of diverse plants, each with each own qualities, enabling the visiting minds to enjoy.

May all be happy

//picture is quoted from http://www.womenofgrace.com/


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